Private Bass Teachers

Bass Teachers

Cooper Doten

Cooper Doten is Minneapolis centered electric and upright bass player. He has played with many notable acts that range from jazz to classical to rock. Some acts include The Jason Harms Quartet, CCM Artist Natalie Cromwell, Jessica Manning, Candid Kid and many more. He has studied under local bassist Bruce Balgaard (Sara Renner, Robert Robinson) for 2 years and later studied under some of Minneapolis' finest music teachers: Ian Allison (Jeremy Messersmith, Eric Hutchinson), Jeff Bailey (Head of bass department McNally Smith) and Erik Fratzke (Happy Apple). In 2014 he graduated from Bethel University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with an emphasis in Classical Double Bass. Cooper believes in integrating many different approaches to help the student learn the most effective way for them and push them to explore their own voice. Cooper is excited to be offering music lessons at Spark Music Studio.

Phil Christiansen

Phil is a Chicago native who has been involved with music since he was in elementary school. His passion for music began on piano, but after years of working with a private piano instructor he decided he wanted to explore bass guitar. After quickly becoming an in-demand bassist in Chicago, Phil began to pick up other instruments and became known as the “Jack Of All Trades”. Phil's proficiency in drums, guitar, bass, and piano led him to play with many different groups around the city, ultimately making him a highly valuable musician in Chicago. But, after spending in time in MN, Phil began to feel he needed a change of pace, and his love for the Minnesota music scene brought him here to stay. Phil is currently playing with multiple groups and churches around the city.

Private Bass Teacher


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